Welcome to Piggybank Day Nursery.

Piggybank Day Nursery - Our Aims

At Piggybank, we treat each child as an individual and always ensure that their enjoyment, development and happiness is the focus of what we do.

Following the Early Years Foundation Stage 2017, we provide a wide range of activities that encourage the development of social, physical, language and intellectual skills, helping your child to become confident and independant. More importantly, though, we plan our days around the children's interests and ensure there are lots of cuddles, fun and laughter throughout the day.

We aim to promote & develop each child to their full potential, socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually, in a safe, secure environment in partnership with the parents / carers.

We know that the commitment, dedication and enthusiasm of our staff team, many of whom stay with us for many years, is what sets us apart from the more corporate chain nurseries.

The staff team are committed to valuing diversity and by providing equality of opportunity and anti-discriminatory practice for all children, staff and families. With an understanding that all children have a need to develop, which is helped by exploring and discovering the people and things around them, including respecting the cultures and beliefs of individual children who all have rights and entitlements regardless of race, religion or abilities.

Please see The Office Section of our website for details of fees, policies and more of the 'grown-up' stuff!